Wednesday, 3 September 2014

September 1939

"cross 1939" - August 2014 
It's hard to imagine the idiocy the allowed the world to go to war again only 20 years after the debacle of the first world war but as we watch the events unfolding in Ukraine and the Middle East maybe its not so hard. I find it difficult to comprehend the violence, arrogance and sheer stupidity of men.  The cross is a symbol which haunts me and recurs often. When visiting France years ago we came across a German WW1 cemetery with row upon row of iron crosses. On closer inspection there were 4 names per patibulum/horizontal - it was a sobering sight not forgotten. Today is the day that when I studied the "The Origins of War" at school they said the second world war started. Now it seems to be  a more vague date but back then things were more set in stone. As I write a quick flick to the news tells me that Poroshenko and Putin have agreed a truce - let's hope it holds.

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