Monday, 3 December 2012

in situ

in situ
Getting colder... snow on the hills - studio temperature tumbling - the next 2/3 months up there are not for the faint hearted. Went to Pissignano antiques market yesterday, picked up a couple of interesting rusty nails :). Each to his own

Saturday, 1 December 2012

that's not cricket

dead man walking
I've been working across a range of media recently - and was getting quite excited about the avalanche of ideas Ive been having of late. And then... after enjoying reading an article about Antony Gormley's new monumental work at the White Cube I made the mistake of scrolling through some of the comments. It really made my heart sink (though it came as no surprise, one comes up against it constantly). However... to think that after over 100 years of what might loosely be termed "modern art" there are still people out there who make comments about their five year olds being able to do better and so forth. So it was with a heavy heart I turned to the vandalism of the Rothko at the Tate, and there they were again. (note to self - stop reading the comments). Anyway it made me wonder for a moment if in fact the "modern art" had failed in some way given the vast swathes of the population who really prefer a badly rendered landscape or demurely pouting airbrushed young thing strategically draped. But then it's not meant to be an educational tool as such, it has no "duty" enlighten the likes of the afore mentioned (though a few conversions would help).  Strange isn't it how these people feel absolutely no embarrassment or shame for their rudeness -which is what it is. Healthy, criticism nobody minds - I wonder how they would react of the the same banal comment were leveled at them and their lives work. I have decided to lump them into the category I have for X factor and I'm a celebrity...  and carry on undaunted. Buona Domenica