Friday, 28 March 2014

loving the lumber

planks of olmo. 
Loved the wood yesterday as I was buying my boring panels for painting and mounting. All around me were these fabulous planks of elm, oak, chestnut just waiting to be a sculpture - maybe for another exhibition. for now having had a day off at AgriUmbra tomorrow it is back to work in the studio. For those unfamiliar with AgriUmbria the pics below will give you the tip. Love an AMP show me.


Sheep(s) or are they goats. Sheep(s) i think

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mostra a Trevi

Well I've committed myself to this mostra/exhibition in Trevi for the occasion of PIC&NIC a Trevi in April. So the sleepless nights have started. No "naked in public" dreams so far, but I guess that will come. Loads to do and managed spend 2 hours buying mdf panels today while to the poor guy at Paolini (wood merchant) retrieved them from bottom of a huge stack and then…. I want them cut to measure of course. Ahhh the customer is always right - a very patient chap he was. Thank goodness they were quiet, La Crisi in this case had its upside for me. Now its all to do… Dates and details to follow...

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Painting in progress

 I thought it might be interesting to document a painting stage by stage. Interestingly enough it has made me approach this work with a slightly different outlook. Im pausing where perhaps usually I might not. 

25 February 2014

28 February 2014
2 March 2014

2 March 2014

11 March 2014

17 March 2014

19 March 2014

22 March 2014

22 March 2014
This is where I am today. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

total risk

When I went back to NZ earlier this year I found a treasure from my student days in the garage that nearing ended up in the garage sale. This wonderful set of drawing bits and bobs. The marvels of the ruling pen have been relived in the studio today. Charged with ink, gouache or in this case acrylic the ruling pen is a who dares wins bit of kit. Total risk as you slowly make the line hoping not to ruin everything with a globule of paint or to run out before the end. I have yet to revisit the advanced level - that being the compass attachment which even worse as you scribe the arc heart pounding to see if the start and the finish will marry up to satisfaction. The whole thing brought back memories of overnighters to finish projects when there was no "undo" button just tears and rude words.