Friday, 31 October 2014

this morning

I love our morning walks with Ugo. Trouble is I often get left behind taking photos of mud and the like. here are a few I took this morning. It is so incredible to me how these plants, this earth, this sky can be so much of the countryside and yet so gritty, graphic and abstract.  So much work to do - buzzing with ideas. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

home again

Well it's been a while…. back home again from NZ and back in the studio at last with my faithful studio assistant.  Framing ready for "Side by Side" an exhibition at Vinosofia in Spello next week and getting organised to take some works to brighten up our local "Festa della Casagna" here in Manciano.

Things I love about Italy… I have been down to the local blacksmith - still pretty common in these parts… and he's going to make me some steel frames for these couple of paintings (red on red on red and blue/black). I'm really hoping that this will turn out to be an answer to an ongoing issue for me.